Where have all the sparrows gone?

What's your story?

About this project

Sparrows are disappearing all over the world. But do we know why? By gathering images, memories and stories of sparrows, students explore the place of the sparrow in their community. They can share their research with the world, to build a rich global narrative that explores the complexities of climate, ecology and interconnectedness.

The project was inspired by a student at Agastya, and the story of The Last Sparrow, written in Telugu by dr Pavineni Sriva Sankar.

Read The Last Sparrow in English

Read The Last Sparrow in Telugu

Hear students reading excerpts in Telugu

Save the Sparrows!

How do you feel about the disappearance of sparrows? Why do you think they are disappearing? Here are some activities that you can try, to help share the story and save the sparrows of the world.

Drawings created by students

by Varun


by Lavanya


by Saavani


by Mohan Krishna



by Tony Parkin ( United Kingdom ) teacher
by Tony Parkin ( United Kingdom ) teacher

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